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Join our team

and make a difference

At the Immigrant Library, we firmly believe that a little effort can make a big difference. Volunteering with us presents an opportunity to directly influence the lives of immigrants, aiding them in their journey towards a new life and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive society.

Whether you have a few hours every week or a few days a month, your time and talents can make a real difference. We are always looking for compassionate individuals who are willing to share their time, skills, and hearts with our community.

Why Volunteer With Us?


Directly contribute to the lives of immigrants, helping them navigate their path to a successful future.

Skills Development

Gain valuable work experience and develop professional skills.


Become part of a network of supportive, like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference.


We have a range of volunteer opportunities available to suit different interests and skill sets:

Language Tutor:

Help immigrants improve their English or French language skills

Career Mentor

Share your professional experience and guide an immigrant towards a successful career in your field.

Peer Mentor:

Share your journey and experience navigating everyday life as an immigrant and guide an immigrant towards settling into the country

Fundraising Support

Assist with grant writing and fundraising from corporations, nonprofits and the government.

Thought Leadership & Webinar Presenter:

Share your knowledge on a specific topic that would be beneficial to new immigrants.

How to Become a Volunteer

It is very simple!

Let's work together to create a community where everyone feels at home!