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Top Website to Find Remote Work Anywhere in the World

Over the years, remote jobs have gained more awareness and significance as more workers have switched to working from home rather than physically going to work. This development was heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic and is clearly fast becoming a norm. 

Benefits of working remotely 

  1. There is better work/life balance as workers have more time to participate in non-work activities. 
  2. It saves more money as a result of lesser or no commutes. 
  3. Higher productivity
  4. Healthier and better lifestyles as a result of more home cooked meals, more interactions with friends and family

26 Websites to Find Remote Work

The following are websites where one can find remote jobs in 2023 as well as the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely. 

1. WeWorkRemotely

This is also a remote job platform that bridges the gap between remote employees and remote employers. There are several categories of remote jobs on the website ranging from programming, marketing, design, and customer support.

The features of WeWorkRemotely are: advanced job search, learning portal, remote-only job board. Pricing is free. 

2. RemoteOk

RemoteOk is a remote job listing website that covers jobs around the world. Although the jobs are mostly in the United States, jobs from other parts of the world are listed.

The jobs on this platform are mostly tech-focused. Features include; job filters, verified job tags, profile creation, direct recruitment. Pricing is free. 

3. Upwork 

The world’s leading remote working platform. Anyone can sign up on Upwork to offer services in different categories. Some of the features of Upwork includes: Rate negotiation, profile creation, payment protection and more.

Upwork is free to join but charges 5-20% commission on earnings. Connects or Credits are bought to apply for jobs. 

3. JustRemote

JustRemote lists jobs that are posted on company websites but not listed on public job boards. The platform does this by crawling the continuously growing list of company websites that regularly post remote job roles.

Some of the features of JustRemote are; advanced filters, finding hidden jobs before they are advertised. It is a paid platform that costs $6 per month. 

4. Remotive

Remotive organizes and filters tech-focused jobs across the internet. Results can be filtered based on location to allow users to work from anywhere in the world.

Features include; daily job newsletter, advanced job filters, daily job updates, helpful guides. Pricing is free. 

5. Jobspresso 

Jobspresso lists remote jobs in marketing, customer care, tech and many more.

Features are; mailing list, social media communities, profile creation, numerous available jobs. Pricing is free. 

6. Toptal 

Toptal is a leading talent platform where freelancers can get remote opportunities.

It has a rigorous examination process that allows only the top 3% of their freelance workers to scale through to their database, many of which includes former workers of McKinsey, Google, Facebook and many more.

Some of the features of Toptal are; direct matching with employers, access to lucrative roles from top global companies. Pricing is free. 

7. Himalayas 

Himalayas provides a new experience for remote job seekers. It has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating through over a thousand remote jobs easy.

Features include; weekly newsletters, multiple job filters, clean UI for easy navigation. Pricing is free. 

8. Lensa 

Lensa is a job search engine that offers job positions in Canada and the United States. It is able to filter jobs based on company values such as recognition, work/life balance, growth and more.

Features are: numerous job categories, resume upload, multiple filters. Pricing is free. 

9. Workew 

Workew organizes remote jobs across the world. Its search engine has tags that make job identification easy based on location.

Top features include; job reviews, bookmark jobs, search filters. Pricing is free. 

10. is a remote job platform where job seekers can sign up and lobby for short term freelance roles. They can also participate in contests and should one’s entry win, they get paid for it.

Its features are: contest participation, bid for jobs, money is paid when a project is complete. It is free to join.

Freelancer, however, charges 20% service fee on all projects. There are however additional fees for extra features.

11. FlexJobs 

On FlexJobs, remote jobs in the United states and other parts of the world are rigorously vetted.

FlexJobs has been in operation since 2007 and has become one of the websites with the largest number of remote jobs on the internet.

Features include; multiple filters, vetted remote jobs, additional services. Pricing is $25 monthly. 

12. SolidGigs 

SolidGigs is a lead generation solution that sends top rated freelance roles to emails. Unlike other websites, SolidGigs does not list jobs or have a job marketplace.

Features are; unlimited monthly leads, concierge service, lead generation services. Pricing is $35 per month. 

13. Dynamite Jobs

DynamiteJobs mainly looks for jobs advertised by companies that are mainly looking for remote workers. Users can also create profiles on the website that will land them roles on the site.

Features include; direct chat with recruiters, profile builder, remote-only job board. Pricing is free. 

14. Hubstaff Talent 

Hubstaff Talent is a subset of Hubstaff. It promotes remote and freelance jobs. Top features include: 

Inbuilt time tracking and project management, profile builder. Pricing is free. 

15. Remote Co

Remote.Co offers a series of features for remote workers. The job board can be used to source for jobs anywhere in the world. The resource section also provides tips and advice from companies and other workers.

Features include; frequent job updates, Q & A section, remote working blog. Pricing is free. 

16. Working Nomads 

The Working Nomads website helps prospective remote workers search for remote jobs across multiple categories. It also offers job filters and a job timer to know how old a post is.

Features are; multiple job filters, fast loading job board. Pricing is free. 

17. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a freelance job website where services can be sold as gigs or gig packages. When a gig is purchased, Fiverr charges the buyer and then pays the seller when the job is complete.

Some of the features of Fiverr are; guaranteed payments, fixed rates, unlimited gig selling. Fiverr charges 20% commission on all jobs. 

18. Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive highlights jobs in different categories such as HR, healthcare, tech, QA, healthcare and finance. It has a simple UI that makes a good experience for people looking for remote jobs.

Features are: job tracking spreadsheet, savings calculator, remote company list, lists part time jobs. Pricing is free. 

19. Outsourcely 

Outsourcely is the combination of freelance job boards and remote working dashboards. It has several unique features which includes chat, file sharing, email and video conferencing.

It is similar to Upwork but without the fees. Other features include; zero commissions, remote working dashboard. Pricing is free. 

20. AngelList Talent

Through a careful curation process, AngelList Talent provides talent matching services. It is ideal for companies in the tech sector including growth, startups, and post-IPO companies.

Top features include: direct recruitment, remote and non-tech remote jobs, profile features. Pricing is free but with paid upgrades.

21. Rise 

Rise is a modern website that redefines working remotely and the recruitment process. With Rise, users can create a comprehensive and gamified profile that can be upgraded.

Features include; detailed and gamified profile, interactive community, polls and survey tools. Pricing is free. 

22. The Muse 

The Muse is a combination of traditional job board experiences and a wide library of content that covers all aspects of remote working. It also offers resource features like coaching and extensive corporate profiles.

Other features include; add-on services, extensive content library, interactive job board. Pricing is free but with paid add on services. 

23. Virtual Vocations 

Virtual Vocations offers multiple tools to help remote job seekers land a job.

These tools help to save and track jobs and filter them as well. Features are; bookmarking and job tracking, career center, job board. It offers a free plan. Paid pricing starts from $16 to $60 every month. 

24. 100 Telecommute Jobs

The 100 Telecommute Jobs sources for jobs in various categories that offer remote working options.

It has a clean UI that makes navigation seamless. Features include: straightforward job board, Q & A section. Pricing is free. 

25. Remote4me

Remote4me is a remote job search engine and assembler. It crawls other job platforms to find remote jobs and lists them on its job board. One does not need to sign up to use the platform.

Features are; automated job aggregator, no sign up required. Pricing is free.

26. Remote Jobs Club

Remote Jobs Club is an email subscription platform that distributes  lists of remote jobs in the UK, US, and Canada every two weeks.

Features include; email subscription service, curated job boards. Pricing is free.

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