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Featured episodes

In a world experiencing a major shift in work culture and with a higher percentage of people immigrating, what can you do to prepare yourself for a successful career as an immigrant? Tobi Oluwole shares tips from his personal and professional experiences that can help you assess where you are in your career and strategize towards a profitable career especially as an immigrant.

Certain skills are reported as “in-demand” because those are the skills top companies are looking for. The question then is - how can you leverage these skills to build a successful career especially if you’re moving 5000 miles away from home to build a new life? In this episode, Eno shares her story and dishes out useful tips from her professional experience.

Do you constantly wait around for promotions at work even though you’re a high value employee? Do you feel unsure of how to approach asking for a salary raise? Are you an immigrant professional who just feels grateful to have a good job but not bold enough to ask for what you deserve? Listen to Tiffany as she shares tips and strategies to position yourself rightly for promotion and salary increase.​

Earning an income with a 9-5 job is tasking as it is, so is it possible to become wealthy as a salary earner? Dee Olateru, global professional and creator of @therichimmigrant podcast and community shares tips that have helped her build wealth in her career. If you're an immigrant living in Canada, UK or America and looking for tips to building wealth, you should watch this and share your thoughts or questions in the comment section​

Networking can be daring and scary but it's a necessary skill to succeed personally, professionally and in business. It's even more necessary when you're starting a new life in a new country. It's the key to building relationships and growing your career. In this episode of FiatVault, Nicole Nyasha shares tips from her experience as a recruiter and talent acquisition manager in Malaysia and Canada.​

Guests we’ve had so far

Tobi Oluwole

CEO and Co-founder of the3skills

Eno Eka

Business Analysis Coach and CEO, Global Business Analysis School

Tiffany Uman

Career Strategy Coach

Dee Olateru

Global professional and host of “The Rich Immigrant Podcast”

Mustafa Ansari

Growth Manager

Nicole Nyasha

Talent Acquisition Partner



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