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7 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Resume Writer (And Boost Your Income)

Thinking of a side business as an immigrant? 

Resume writing can be a profitable niche for you.

The resume writing industry is booming right now. Why? The demand for resume writers is increasing. According to recent findings, 68% of job applicants who hired a resume writer got a job within 90 days.  

So, if you’re an immigrant who loves to write, freelance resume writing could turn out  to be a lucrative business for you. 

Remember, many are applying for jobs, and quite a number will need the help of a resume writer.


On average, resume writers in Canada charge between $250 and $1,000. 

While you may not even charge up to that as a beginner resume writer, you can make some more money alongside your regular income. You can even start doing this if you’re yet to get a full-time job offer.

That’s the crux of this article—to help you get started and boost your income as a freelance resume writer.

Let’s dive in right now.


  • You need the right attitude
  • Research and learn
  • Take Resume Writing Courses
  • Practice your new skills—and get results
  • Save time with Resume Templates
  • Promote your freelance business

1. You need the Right Attitude.

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you will not be able to get anywhere until you change it.”


Having a positive outlook will take you far as you venture into the resume writing career space. 

Yes, you need a winning attitude to pull through. A positive attitude is required to learn new skills and even market them.

In the long run, your attitude will drive you to success! So get your positive mental attitude cap on, so you can excel as a freelance resume writer!

2. Research and Learn

Learning and research are pivotal to your success as a resume writer. 

There are many free resources on the internet—blogs, ebooks, video tutorials, and more—that can help you build stellar resume writing skills. 

So, go over to Google and search for “how to write a professional resume,” and you will discover millions of articles popping up on the search engine results page.

However, to avoid being lost in an ocean of information, you can learn from articles on websites like,, or

Generally, you need to master resume writing best practices such as using action words and focusing on and quantifying your achievements, among other things.

3. Study expert resume samples

Another proven way to reinforce your resume writing skills is to study expert resumes. 

Studying standard resume samples will provide insights into how you can create professional resumes. 

Insights from these samples will guide you when you kickstart your freelance resume business.

Here are some free expert resume samples you can check out.

4. Take Resume Writing Courses

In addition to researching and studying expert articles, you should consider taking a resume writing course.

You can opt for physical training if available, but an online course can help you learn at your own pace and at any time. 

In my quest to learn how to write professional resumes, I came across the Bluesky Resume Free course. 

Bluesky is a short and snacky course delivered to your email. You will receive your first module immediately after registering.

5. Practice your new skill—and get tangible results

Always realize that you can get better. Your best work has not been done yet. Practice! Practice! Practice!” 

– Les Brown

Having learned from  courses—and probably taken an online course—you’d have learned much about resume writing now! 

That said, you are on your way to becoming a successful freelance resume writer. 

Now, the next step is practice. 

Apply your skills to real-life situations. A great way to start is to create resumes for one or two friends or relatives and get feedback on their new resumes.

Things will get even more interesting when they land jobs with their new resume. 

That’s going to build your confidence as a freelance resume writer. Better still, you’ll be able to better market your skills to prospects because you’ve got tangible results.

Don’t forget, you must perfect your grammar skills as a resume writer. Moreover, with tools like Grammarly and Quillbot, you can be sure of avoiding pesky errors on clients’ resumes.

6. Save time with free resume templates

Who doesn’t like getting great results without starting from scratch? I think everyone does! Resume templates are excellent resources to explore if you’ll venture into freelance resume writing. 

Do you need to travel to Saturn to get great resume templates? Not at all. Here at FiatMatch, we have created excellent templates that can help you kick-start your freelance resume writing business.

You need to download the free templates and start using them to create winning resumes for your clients. 


7. Promote Your freelance business

Let’s assume you can confidently craft a professional resume at this stage.

And that’s awesome!

However, your business will not see the light of day if you don’t promote it. 

An excellent way to start is by word of mouth. Tell the people you meet, especially those in your friendship circle, that you can help them refurbish their resumes. As you help them clean up their resume, they will naturally refer people to you. However, it would help if you still asked them for referrals.

Additionally, prospects may approach you if you share some of the insights you’ve learned on social media, particularly on LinkedIn.

Then, as time passes, you can create a website as a freelance resume writer so that people can find you online.


The earning potential of resume writers cannot be disregarded. 

As noted earlier, the demand for that skill will continue to rise. So, freelance resume writing is an area you can explore. 

Don’t expect to reach five or six figures in income in a matter of days, though. But if you take action now, you’ll soon start to get fantastic results.

Don’t give up. Adopt a positive outlook and also learn and research. 

Finally, enroll in the resume writing courses you can find, and don’t forget to keep honing and marketing your new skills.

Did you enjoy the insights?

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