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12 ways to Uncover the hidden job market as an Immigrant 

Ever heard of the “hidden job market”?

Yes, this is a phenomenon that exists. In this article, we would explore what the hidden job market is, and how you can mine the treasures of this peculiar job market in 2023.

Are you an immigrant seeking better job opportunities? The hidden job market is a place to explore. So, let’s get in there right away.

What are the hidden job market?

Not all job openings are published, and this would not be different in 2023. 

Such vacancies are filled by “inside” knowledge. This is called the “hidden job market.”

According to

The hidden job market” refers to jobs that employers do not advertise or publish publicly. Not publicizing these openings can help these employers save on the costs and time associated with posting and evaluating job applications or interviewing.

The Imperial College London Career Services estimates that 75% of job openings are typically filled through the hidden job market.

Without a doubt, you should look into the hidden employment market as an immigrant.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

12 ideas to uncover the “Hidden Job Market” for New Job Offers

  1. Be job-ready
  2. Use Linkedin to your advantage
  3. Connect with old schoolmates
  4. Network at Industry events
  5. Contact employers directly
  6. Submit your resume to job boards
  7. Join professional clubs or groups
  8. Explore your social and religious circles
  9. Volunteer
  10. Try your current workplace
  11. Get found online
  12. Follow your favorite companies online.

1. Be job-ready

Want to crack the hidden job market? Being job-ready is a proven way to achieve this.

So, make sure you develop in-demand skills that will attract employers. Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile should be compelling and up-to-date.

Furthermore, you should understand the current challenges firms are facing and how your skills can help them scale.

Taking relevant courses and training also showcases your expertise and quest for knowledge. 

Nowadays, it’s easier to learn from leading experts through online courses. Thus, you should leverage learning opportunities to make yourself job-ready.

In a nutshell, you need the skills necessary to solve real-life challenges on the job.

Your readiness will, no doubt, open up referral opportunities for you.


2. Use Linkedin to your advantage

Many recruiters utilize LinkedIn’s job-matching AI to select ideal candidates.

This process saves them time and helps them avoid the hassles of checking through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications.

Thus, your LinkedIn profile needs to be stellar.

Also, studies show that people who engage on LinkedIn for at least three hours per week are more likely to find a new position.

From your profile photograph to your headline, summary, and anything else, make sure you’re positioned so recruiters can find you.

One of the things to do is optimize your profile and avoid being generic. 

Your LinkedIn profile should demonstrate your passion for problem solving in addition to your professionalism.

Check out this article on how to set up a LinkedIn profile like a pro.

As a further tip, you should infuse relevant industry keywords into your profile. This allows you to become more visible to recruiters in your industry.

Then, sharing insights and participating in discussions can set you apart.

Are you aware you can also publish articles such as industry updates on LinkedIn?

As you do this, you can become noticed, and that may earn you referrals.

In addition, Brynne Tillman advised mentioning influencers on LinkedIn:

Quote an influencer on LinkedIn and @mention them—this will increase the influencer’s and their audience’s visibility. Be sure you don’t spam here; it can backfire if you overuse it with the same influencer. EXAMPLE: Brilliant seminar today with @Pat Walsh; he talked about how to bridge the gap between sales and marketing!

These connection request templates  can help you expand your LinkedIn network.

 3. Connect with old schoolmates

An alumni network can help you connect with job opportunities and provide connections for possible future employers.

You’ll be amazed that old school friends can be in the know about some unadvertised job opportunities and may share them in alumni groups. 

You could also reach out to old school friends, asking them about the challenges their firms may be facing and how your expertise could help tackle them.

4. Network at Industry events 

You can make a list of events and trade shows in your city that will allow you to network with people in your industry.

Networking events are an avenue to meet people and make connections.

As you attend these events and get to meet people, you should pay attention to the details, from your dressing to your demeanor.

Demonstrating value is what works best. An excellent way to do that is to find common ground with the person you’re speaking with by asking questions. 

It might be a software or business topic that interests you both. It’s crucial to keep your composure and avoid coming across as a “know-it-all.”

Furthermore, when networking, it is preferable to start by being helpful. Provide your network with interesting and insightful information, and they will reciprocate that gesture.

Indeed’s Editorial Team says, Show a genuine interest in forming meaningful connections with others.” For example, practice active listening when meeting someone new. Limit distractions and show your interest and engagement when they speak. “

 5. Contact employers directly

Contacting employers directly can land you unpublished job offers.

Connel Valentine shared his experience submitting his application to a company directly.

He advised:

The best messages to people are problem-solving messages. Use it. It can sound something like this:

“Hi, Justin. The position you have available for a database administrator is exactly what I’m looking for. With seven years of experience in this field, I know that one of the most critical needs is staying cool under pressure when incidents occur during critical application outages. This is why my peers are relieved when I hop on the bridge, because they know I can calmly troubleshoot the issue and get things back on track when I’m on call. I hope to bring these skills to your organization if I’m fortunate enough to get an interview with you or your team. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.”

Insightful, right?

If you want to mine job opportunities from the hidden job market, sending applications to employers can yield tremendous results.

 6. Submit your resume to job boards

Some employers search for their ideal candidates on job boards. 

That means you might be leaving out exciting opportunities if you don’t have your resume on notable job portals.

Have you heard about people getting offers without a formal application? Job boards can make this happen.

More than a year ago, a friend got an offer as a content writer with a luxury goods company. She had submitted her resume to, and that was it. 

Uploading your resume to job boards can lead to amazing opportunities. It’s an avenue you should also explore as an immigrant.

7. Join professional clubs or groups

Professional clubs or groups can be your link to hidden job opportunities. 

Being a member of such organizations will, without doubt, bring you into contact with individuals from different organizations. And, this can open doors to unadvertised job opportunities.

Remember, you don’t want to pester group members with requests for job openings. Instead, building solid relationships is the best course of action. 

You’ll make this happen by being a respectable, dependable, and helpful group member. 

Without a doubt, they’d recommend you when suitable opportunities arise.

8. Tap into your social (or religious) circles

Your social and religious circles can reveal hidden job offers.

No doubt, registered immigrant social groups can make a whole lot of sense for you as an immigrant. 

In addition, joining a church, mosque, or other recognized religious organization can help you make new friends. Of course, this can lead to interesting opportunities as time goes on.

Once more, cultivating lasting relationships rather than mere job hunting is crucial. 

As you establish connections with your new friends and network, you can learn a lot and learn about hidden job opportunities.

9. Volunteer

Volunteering is a proven way to get your foot in the door!

A volunteering role can be a major connection to people who can introduce you to better employment opportunities. says, 

“…it can be hard to find time to volunteer.” However, the benefits of volunteering can be enormous. Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer. The right match can help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. “

It works! So don’t shy away from volunteering opportunities. 

But, of course, you need to excel even as a volunteer, so you will be top of mind when opportunities come.

10. Try your current workplace

Interestingly, your employer may have unpublished job openings that you can fill. 

Thus, if you love your current workplace, you can be on the lookout for job opportunities there too. 

Discussing this with the HR department and managers of units you’re interested in won’t be a bad idea at all.

Many have successfully switched roles in their current workplace, and that still works!

Of course, you stand a better chance of landing such a job offer by applying as an internal candidate.

11. Get found online

A solid online presence can give you an edge. So, create a resume website if you can!

However, having a website does not absolutely guarantee that employers will find you. Therefore, you can take it a step further and optimize your site for search engines. This will increase your visibility as recruiters search for talent online.

Sharing market information on your website will also help you come off as an informed professional.

No doubt, a personal brand or a resume website can help you stand out from the competition.

See this article on the best personal branding websites.

12. Follow your favorite companies online

You’ve got companies you’d love to work for, right? You can follow such companies. Then, you can stay abreast of developments they announce.

When you’re informed about a company’s recent achievements, you could use that as a hook when connecting with key personnel in the organization.

For instance, bringing up a recent award can lead to interesting conversations with your contact within the company. You could also explain how your abilities can help the business achieve even greater heights.

To stay informed about an organization, you can:

  • Follow their social media accounts
  • Create a Google alert for the company.
  • Check up the company on Google News

Final Word

We’ve shared twelve ideas that can help you uncover the hidden job market for new job offers. 

Take note that networking is a major pathway to uncovering the hidden job market. 

However, this isn’t just about making one-off connections with people who might be able to help you—it’s about building relationships over time. 

Scaling the hidden job market can come fast or take a while. But in the end, your effort will be worth it. 

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